Andreas Lederer, born April 1964 in the North of Germany (Lower Saxony, near Bremen)

Started playing guitar in the age of 13, giving lessons from year 16 onwards.

Worked in It business for 20 years, mainly for an American Company.

Then got sacked (not really but sounds more dramatic;-) and restarted the guitar business.

Unable to really read notes as this “disconnects" me from music.

Started learning piano in 2005 just using chords the guitar way.

Through piano playing I understand guitar much better, even that I am still not a heavy theory man.

I am not virtuous, I am not in the fast playing business, I just love a tone and how he sounds inside a chord.

Early influences by slow players like Mark Knopfler, Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton and music from Beatles, Supertramp, Police and many more.

Played in bands, now enjoying smaller combinations: solo and duos. 

I like to collect songs, like the diversity of many different songs, not able to work long on the same song (15 minutes is a long time). There is to much good music outside which stops me from concentrating on just 20 or so songs;-)

As a guitar teacher I have the pleasure to cover a big range of music. Yeah, I sometimes also like to do heavy metal shredding, just I think, I am too old now to still do it on stage.

Easy Solo Fingerstyle allows me to play a song, just on my own, for my meditation and pleasure. Sometimes try to sing, but not sure if that is good enough, so the solution is Easy Solo Fingerstyle.

Andreas Lederer Gitarre und Klavier mit Adresse


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