Easy Solo Fingerstlye

Solo Fingerstyle is a way of playing the guitar so that you have chords and melody/bass together, played by one person (and not two or three ;-)

You can also say: Solo Fingerstyle is an instrumental version of a song, played by one guitarist.

There are many ways to do this, complicated and less complicated. Some use a fixed picking pattern and add the melody tones to the chords, some have a more free style version. 

This websites will show you the results of my way of creating a Solo Fingerstyle song. The videos are not meant as lessons but are focussing on mostly quite simple chords I am using. Theroretically there is no need to use higher frets than the first four, as all notes are available on fret one to four.  

I am also teaching my method, which will allow to quickly construct such a Solo Fingerstyle Song. It is not a mystery ;-) And it has nothing to do with virtuosity! But of cause can you use virtuosity for adding additional improvisation ;-)

Practising this method will make you able to play Solo Fingerstyle "on the fly" by adding the melody to the chords.

I use a simple method of tabbing Solo Fingerstyle which only concentrates on the real important tones and allows the player to learn quickly a new song and develop there own style.    

By the way, I am doing the same on the piano as I can not play using notes ;-) 

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